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Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Model

A Roadmap for Adopting Matrix Management 2.0™

The Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Model is a tool that provides a roadmap for adopting the new Matrix Management 2.0 operating system by illustrating what level of maturity the organization is operating at for the organizational (SPA) and leadership (ARC) levers, as well as for each of the individual SPARC™ Keys.

Matrix Management SPARC™ Keys for SuccessMatrix Management SPARC™ Keys for Success

Organizational Lever

Leadership Lever

Stage 0 - Vertical Management 1.0 and Matrix Management 1.0Structure and governance are verticalVertical Management Structure and GovernanceLeadership is authority-basedAuthority Based Leadership
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 1Project system is in placeMatrix Management Project SystemProjects are lead using collaboration and matrix accountabilityCollaboration and Matrix Team Accountability
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 2Business processes are optimizedOptimize Matrix Management Business PracticesCollaborative leadership and methods used in business processesMatrix Management Collaborative Leadership
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 3Sector and vector governance, portfolio managementMatrix Management Sectored GovernanceLeaders lead without authorityLeading Without Authority
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 4Horizontal is primaryHorizontal Leadership in a MatrixTeams are collaborative and high performingCollaborative and High Performing Teams
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 5Organization is optimized and alignedOptimized and Aligned Matrix OrganizationBosses are coaches and performance management is realignedWrench

How Matrix-Mature Is Your Leadership and Organization?

Many organizations make slower progress with the organizational keys — structure, performance and accountability — than they do with the leadership keys — accountability, relationship management and collaborative leadership. You might be at stage 1 or even 0 for the S (structure) key, demonstrated by a vertically focused organizational structure, and at stage 3 for the C (collaborative leadership) key, where leaders manage their teams using collaborative methods.

Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Assessment

Diagnosing what level of maturity the organization is currently operating at for each SPARC Key and Lever is the first step in determining a strategy for migrating to the new Matrix Management 2.0 operating system. If you’re ready to take that step, one of our quick and easy Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Assessment Plans, or a collaborative consulting session might be right for you.