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MM 2.0™ Body of Knowledge

The Matrix Management 2.0™ Body of Knowledge (MM2BOK™) is the definitive guide for leading and managing today’s matrix organization.

Everything you need to know about Matrix Management 2.0™

Matrix Management 2.0™ Body of KnowledgeWritten as a reference guide, the MM2BOK includes an overview of the old Vertical Management 1.0 operating system as well as its hybrid Matrix Management 1.0. It also covers SPARC™ — the five foundations of matrix implementation success — and the MM 2.0™ Maturity Model. Anyone involved in the implementation of the Matrix Management 2.0. operating system will quickly find the topic they need.


  • Structure Key (S): The Structure Key defines how you structure the horizontal and vertical dimensions of an organization. It covers how teams should be structured and how team membership should be determined.
  • Productivity Key (P): This Productivity Key addresses the organizational systems needed to enhance the productivity of the entire organization. This section covers prioritization, resource management, standardization, productivity and technical management.
  • Accountability Key (A): The Accountability Key is the driver that makes the whole matrix management system work. This section covers accountability from an organizational point of view as well as from a leadership perspective.
  • Relationship Management Key (R): The Relationship Management Key addresses one of the key aspects of leading or working in a matrix: building and managing relationships. It covers all types of horizontal and vertical relationships.
  • Collaborative Leadership Key (C): The collaborative leadership key addresses topics related to creating an organization of self-directed empowered adults and building high-performing teams.

SPARC Levers

  • Organizational Lever (SPA): This section covers how to govern a matrix, how to set up business units, portfolio management, the design of project and business process management systems and how to execute strategy.
  • Leadership Lever (ARC): This section covers the topic of leading without authority, managing projects without authority, decision making, problem solving, leading meetings, coaching, working in a matrix and creating a culture of success.

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