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Collaborative Matrix Consulting

Collaborative (adjective): produced by more than one party working together. Consulting (noun): engaged in the business of giving expert advice.

Collaborative ConsultingCustomized Solutions

You know your business. We know Matrix Management™ 2.0 (MM 2.0™). Working together, we design solutions aligned with your strategic goals that take into consideration your unique matrix challenges and readiness to put new operating methods and technology in place.

Our Experts

When it comes to expert advice, you can expect nothing less from our duo of matrix management experts, Paula K. Martin and Cathy Cassidy. Their experience covers all stages of organizational change from discovery through design and implementation.

Paula is the designer of Matrix Management 2.0. She is the CEO of the Matrix Management Institute, and author of 11 books related to organizational improvement and matrix management. Cathy Cassidy is our Managing Director. She is a primary contributor to the Matrix Management 2.0™ Body of Knowledge, a co-author of Managing Projects in a Matrix and our lead facilitator.

Together, Paula and Cathy have over 35 years of experience helping organizations identify and address their matrix challenges.

Working Sessions

Our collaborative working sessions are perfect for leaders and OD professionals who want to identify and resolve organizational challenges together while they build understanding of Matrix Management 2.0 and gain commitment to next steps.

We begin by getting to know you and the people who will take part in the session.To build momentum and ensure a positive experience for everyone, we offer advice into the best way to position the session as an organizational change initiative.

Before the session, we work with you to identify specific challenges your organization is facing operating as a matrix, understand your objectives for the session, and create an agenda designed to help you succeed.

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