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Collaborative Matrix Consulting

Are you thinking about—or wrapping up—a reorganization? Maybe you need to improve your organizational agility or break down functional silos. If so, we’re glad you found us. These are all common symptoms of hierarchical organizations, where org charts reign supreme and leaders vie for direct reports.

We’ve spent three decades developing and honing a new organizational operational system to help organizations improve their effectiveness and efficiency in today’s complex world. We have helped businesses, governments and nonprofits around the world shift from an authority-based mindset to a more flexible, collaborative approach that unlocks human potential. Best of all, the resulting cultural changes make work more fun for everyone.

Just like our training programs , our consulting engagements use a highly experiential approach that allows participants to see how critical shifts can yield dramatic results. We combine our expertise in organizational effectiveness and efficiency with your knowledge and expertise regarding your business. The resulting partnership reveals the often-unwritten rules that prevent your organization from reaching its full potential. Together, we build solutions that solve your specific challenges.

Co-Creative Consulting

In traditional consulting engagements, outside experts offer insights and recommendations, but implementation ultimately depends on the client. Our co-creative consulting is a truly collaborative approach. The full team participates in the process, and we co-create solutions, working towards consensus. Close collaboration builds commitment to adopting the resulting solutions, which leads to sustainable organizational change.

While every organization is unique, they face similar issues, with many possible solutions. From our first interaction, we actively partner with clients to begin the co-creation process. To start, our expert facilitators learn about your company or group, including culture, specific challenges and readiness for change. Then, we co-create a working session plan, tailored for your needs and goals, using real-world information and data whenever possible.

During the working session, we don’t tell you what to do. We provide proven tools and techniques and guide you through the process of discovering the right solution for your situation.

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