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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you don’t see your question, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

How long are working sessions, and what results can we expect? 

The length of a working session depends on the level of engagement and the organization’s readiness to solve the current challenges. Shorter sessions range from one half-day to three days, while in-depth engagements may involve two- to three-day sessions every month or week. 

The initial working session typically lasts one to two days. During early sessions, we spend time uncovering root causes, setting operational goals, and shifting any paradigms that are holding you back. In some sessions, we immediately tackle company-specific issues and create deliverables for use in the day-to-day operation and management of the organization. 

What are the minimum and maximum numbers of participants for working sessions?

We have worked with groups as small as one to three leaders and as large as 60 participants.  Depending on what you want to achieve and the group size you want to bring together, the co-creation process will identify an effective working session format. 

If your goals are not achievable with the desired group size, we will let you know and recommend the best approach to meet your needs.

Do we need to host working sessions at our facilities?

Most working sessions are hosted at a facility of your choice. When considering where to host a session, keep in mind that these are intensive events that engage the participates the entire time in the learning. We design these sessions as integrated programs that introduce topics and simulations that help shift thinking as participants develop knowledge and apply concepts in ways that make them stick.

Other things to consider when evaluating potential venues:

  • The room should have ample wall space and be large enough that all participants can actively move around and engage in the simulations and exercises.
  • The location should allow participants to disengage from day-to-day interruptions so they can fully experience the whole program.

Can team members participate in working sessions remotely?

No. These interactive and experiential programs use simulations to reinforce and internalize concepts. Remote participation would decrease the individual’s ability to benefit from the experience and to learn the lessons that come from participation.

If you have a geographically dispersed population, we will help you to identify the best solutions for working together. Some of clients opt to have the whole group participate in a virtual working session, creating small teams that apply learning over a 6- to 12-week time-frame.

How do we identify the right working session(s) for our organization?

The co-creation process begins during our first interaction. We use what most people think of as a “sales” call to assess your situation. From our first conversation, before any official engagement, we work to understand your organizational needs, the desired outcomes of the group with which we will be working, and their level of commitment and readiness for change. Armed with this information, we then recommend an engagement to start.

We offer both structured and fully customized working session options. Start by exploring the working session descriptions to see if one or more of the options address your goals. Then, call us so we can learn more about your organization and discuss how the session(s) you selected will address your needs. If the one you selected isn’t the right session, we will let you know. Or, if you are looking for something customized, we can develop a high-level outline and partner with you to finalize the design.

You can also complete this one-minute questionnaire to receive personalized recommendations of where to begin.

What if we choose the wrong program for our organization?

With every interaction, we are learning about your organization—your needs, your goals, your challenges, your readiness for change. If we need to speak with organizational leaders to learn more, we do that.

Together, we explore these aspects and propose different options.

A working session is not training (even though a lot of learning is going on). Sometimes, all the up-front planning and discussion doesn’t reveal all the challenges the organization is facing or the order in which the leaders need to address them. As co-creative consultants, our expert facilitators pivot and adjust in the moment—from changing topics that were originally planned to more relevant ones, adding new activities to bring out the real issues and to identify the best possible solution, all the way to readjusting an entire Day 2 agenda to cover the most pressing issues that were uncovered in Day 1.

Our goal is to form a win-win partnership for you and us. To achieve that, we focus on bringing the topics that enable transformation and an approach to build buy-in and commitment to change. Your team needs to be prepared to participate in the co-creative process with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ways of thinking and working. 

If you’re not sure that you have the support and commitment to begin defining specific solutions, consider a leadership training program that allows you to introduce concepts, to build awareness and to develop commitment to our approach before investing too much time and money in a process that’s not right for you right now. 

How do you support subsequent adoption and implementation of working session concepts?

Implementation needs to be owned by the leaders of the organization. Depending on the level of buy-in and commitment to change, we partner with organizations in several different ways.

  • All our working session engagements include follow-up virtual sessions to help a group internalize all the concepts explored in a working session. These sessions allow individual leaders or small groups to ask questions and receive specific guidance as they begin applying what they learned with their own teams.
  • If the organization is committed to the concepts, we often facilitate additional working sessions to develop broader awareness across the organization.
  • When the organization is fully committed to implementing the identified solutions, we can partner with an internal initiative team and facilitate working sessions to develop the solution, as well as a plan for its subsequent implementation.
  • If you have an organizational development team, we can partner with these professionals to support their efforts during solution development and implementation. By gaining internal organizational knowledge, you won’t depend on outside consultants to make change happen.

We don’t have the budget for a working session at this time. Do you have more affordable options to help our organization?

Working sessions are an investment not only of money, but also time. During the early stages of the co-creative consulting process, we will work to develop an option that fits within any constraints you have. We offer books, webinars and training programs that are lower-cost options, but we recommend having a conversation to discuss what you want to achieve and to figure out the best way to accomplish it together.