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How to Run a Matrix Structured Working Session

The focus of a How to Run a Matrix Working Session is to use a structured training approach to introduce the relevant topics needed to meet your specific operating goals. A high-level session plan for your audience will include:
  • Horizontal Structure: The session begins with the team mapping and identifying their horizontal dimension as the foundation for building any horizontal structure needed to shift to a horizontally focused resource allocation and operating model.
  • Productivity: The team will identify the portfolio of work that is currently being delivered and set up or review the prioritization and selection systems that will be used as the standard for creating alignment and allocating resources outside vertical areas.
  • Accountability: The team will learn about the three types of accountability and how the accountability system works to ensure everyone is aligned to and working towards the common goals and priorities.
  • Leadership’s Role: We will discuss the role of leaders in a matrix and assess the readiness of the organization to adopt the solutions created during the session.

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