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Introduction to Matrix Management 2.0™ Ways of Working Session

This 4-5 hour program introduces participants to the seven Ways of Working (WOW) that are critical to creating a culture of success in a matrix. The program is intended to engage the participants using a simulation that will resonate with your organization, help them identify with the horizontal dimension (the dimension of work) and begin to form a potential transformation journey that is specific to your organization.


For Senior Leaders, the session focuses on for Ways of Working that are targeted to the running the organization as a system. The focus of the discussion is to:

  • Build the groups understanding of what makes an organization a matrix.
  • Understand that there is an operating system needed to run a matrix more effectively.
  • Build consensus around the new ways of working that leaders and professionals need to embrace to create a culture of success.

Duration: 4-5 Hours
Course Format: In-Person

Who Should Attend

Senior Leaders

Course Outline

  1. Introductions
  2. Introduction to MM 2.0™ Ways of Working
  3. What is a Matrix?
  4. Exercise: Portfolio Game Round 1
  5. Team-Based Discussion and Application to Current Work
  6. Exercise: Portfolio Game Round 2
  7. Team-Based Discussion and Application to Current Work
  8. What's Behind the Ways of Working: Introduction to Matrix Management 2.0
  9. Recommended Ways of Working Journey
  10. Wrap-up

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