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Operationalizing Your Matrix

Operationalizing Your Matrix brings your leadership teams together to define the Matrix Management 2.0™ solution needed to run the organization with a two-dimensional view and to make your matrix structure work for you.

Operationalizing Your MatrixIs Operationalizing Your Matrix Right for You?

Operationalizing Your Matrix is right for you if you’ve recently restructured your vertical dimension and your leaders are struggling to work together, or need help aligning functional teams around organizational priorities.

What You Can Expect

Operationalizing Your Matrix is an interactive and customized working session that includes a combination of experiential simulations, lecture and discussion. During the session, our consultant guides small teams through collaborative work activities designed to uncover the root cause of your matrix challenges, define a solution that addresses them and begin designing the solution.

By the end of this 1½ to 2½-day session, your teams understand the reasons for the challenges they’ve identified together, and how to solve them using new thinking and state-of-the-art management technology.

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Operationalizing Your Matrix

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