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Rapid Fire Working Session for Matrix Leaders

Rapid Fire is a fast-paced ½ day collaborative working session for senior matrix leaders. The emphasis is on identifying and resolving your most difficult organizational challenges.

Matrix Management Rapid Fire For Leaders width=Is Rapid Fire for Matrix Leaders Right for You?

Rapid Fire is for you if you have organizational problems that just won’t go away no matter what you do, you’ve just restructured and are still not getting the expected results, or you’re thinking of restructuring and want to make sure you choose the right approach—one aligned with your external customers.

What You Can Expect

The only preparation for this session is an understanding of key organizational issues, and a willingness to examine them. No sacred cows. Everything should be on the table and open to examination. This is a paradigm-shifting session and you should prepare for a deep look at long-held beliefs about leading and managing an organization as well as changes to put in place.

Working with a Matrix Management 2.0™ (MM 2.0™) consultant, leaders identify your top three organizational challenges and learn how to apply the Matrix Management 2.0™ operating system to resolve them.

You can schedule Rapid Fire for Leaders in advance of an optional full diagnostic Maturity Assessment plan or after if you want to gather more information to move forward.

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