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Executive Leadership Working Sessions

Ready to evolve the organization from the top-down?

Ready to build awareness of the real causes of operational ineffectiveness, inefficient processes or a culture of fear and failure?


Start with an experiential working session program for your senior leaders to shift their thinking about and mindsets about what’s really needed to lead an organization as an integrated whole – breaking down silos, aligning everyone around the common organizational strategy and teams delivering results across the organization.

What is a Working Session?

A working session is a hands-on facilitated consulting engagement that introduces key concepts of the Matrix Management 2.0™ Operating System to a leadership team through the application and development of company-specific components. 

MMI offers several structured sessions for executives that don’t require full customization or our consultants can work with your team to define session goals, explore operating challenges and design a session that will engage your leaders in discovering the root causes of matrix operating challenges learning their role in solving those challenges for the whole organization.

Customized Working Session Development and Delivery

To ensure an impactful and successful session MMI works with your team to develop and deliver the working session with a leadership or management level team. Each customized solution is designed to introduce new thinking about how to operate more effectively as a matrix, identify the specific changes the leadership team will commit to undertake and help make the shifts towards a new way operating more effectively.

MMI uses information collected prior to the session to develop program components that will engage the participants and meet the desired outcomes.

Common goals of a working session are to:

  • Build understanding of the Matrix Management 2.0 methodology and how it is used to run a matrix organization.
  • Define gaps between organizational effectiveness goals and current state.
  • Identify a specific change and/or change plan the leadership team will commit to take on to improve how the organization is operating.

Working Sessions are facilitated on-site by our expert consultant who is the primary resource that works with leadership teams in all types of organization.  The consultant always collaborates with the internal team to be prepared to speak the unique organizational language and use real-life examples to create a relevant session for the group.

Possible Activities Used in Working Sessions

Past working session topics and the simulations used to achieve different outcomes for organizations include:

The Portfolio Game Simulation: This is a highly interactive and powerful simulation that brings forth some of the most common challenges leaders and team members face working in a matrix.  The simulation is used as an anchor in many working sessions to provide a foundation for shifting thinking about how to use components of the Matrix Management 2.0 System to optimize what is most important to the whole organization.

The Rules of the Game: This topic is an awareness and assessment activity.  Using rules from Vertical Management 1.0 and Matrix Management 2.0, participants identify rules they are playing by today and new rules they need to play by.

  • The awareness participants gain is that often the real cause to their problems comes from the unwritten rules they as leaders are following about how to set up and run their organizations. 
  • The assessment focus provides participants with a current state of where they are and what potential rules need to change (which informs the call to action).

Operating Goals and Culture of Success Goals Assessment: This is an activity that introduces the concept of an Organizational Operating System as the system that is impacting how leaders set up and run their matrix organizations. During the activity, leaders come to consensus on the top three Operational Goals they want the organization to address and three Culture of Success Goals they would like their culture to reflect.  This is the basis for evaluating the current state related to these goals and identification of the causes.

This is a sampling of simulations and activities used during working sessions and is not all-encompassing. Depending on the audience level, their current mindset about matrix management and the amount of time allotted for a program, our team works collaboratively with you to determine which would be the best option to meet the desired outcomes of the session. 

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