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Converting Strategy into Matrix Goals

Every organization has two strategies. The business strategy defines where the business is headed. The organizational strategy defines the organizational capabilities needed to execute the business strategy.

Both strategies are critical, and both need to be broken down in a way that enables their execution in a matrix.

Choose This Session If . . .

  • You’ve restructured into a matrix and need to shift the thinking about how to execute strategy
  • You’re embarking on a new strategic direction that requires leadership collaboration
  • You’re looking for a structured annual planning process that fosters collaboration across the organization

Who Should Participate

This session is designed for senior leaders—of the organization as a whole or of a business line, geographical region or functional team—with the influence and accountability to change how the organization operates.

What to Expect

Our facilitator will guide participants in uncovering key challenges related to projects. Simulations will help reveal outdated thinking that may be hampering your organizational effectiveness. Working together, we will build the process for managing your organization’s project system, creating the following deliverables:

  • Defined project portfolios, each managed by a defined goal, as well as criteria for the project selection process
  • Identified stakeholders for each portfolio and a governance team to manage that portfolio of work
  • Mapped processes for project selection and delivery
  • A prioritized list of the current portfolio of projects
  • A migration plan

Upon completing this session, governance teams will begin implementing the processes designed in the session, taking ownership and managing the portfolio of work.

Common Concerns

We are considering—or already have—a Project Management Office (PMO).

A PMO is a formal structure, typically documented on the organizational chart, created either as an independent function or as a sub-function. In some organizations, the PMO has accountability for project management, while in others, it serves an administrative function.

By contrast, the Matrix Management 2.0™ project system is an organization-wide solution that captures the method and approach for these critical functions:

  • Identifying and prioritizing the portfolio of projects that will execute strategy
  • Selecting the standard project leadership method and skills for planning and executing projects
  • Designing the structure that will oversee and manage the entire process

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