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Understanding Your Organization as a Matrix

If you’re interested in exploring how the Matrix Management 2.0™ (MM 2.0™) operating system applies to your organization, this is the working session for you. Our expert facilitators start by using a simulation to help participants understand what a matrix organization is. Then, we work with the team to explore the two dimensions of your matrix and to shine the light on the most important dimension of the organization—the horizontal dimension.

As the team begins to recognize what makes them a matrix, the facilitator introduces the MM 2.0™ operating system, which is necessary to run both dimensions of the business. We use a range of tools and techniques to shift the thinking about what makes an organization a matrix and to introduce new ideas about how they, as leaders, need to set up the business to operate more collaboratively, cross-functionally.

Choose This Session If . . .

  • You’ve recently restructured your organization into a matrix and leaders are struggling with what that means
  • You’re in the middle of restructuring your organization and want to create a common language about matrix organizations and matrix management
  • Leaders have expressed an interest in restructuring as a matrix or applying matrix management

What to Expect

As with all of our working sessions, actual outputs depend on the amount of time committed to the session, the participants, and their commitment to the co-creative process. The goal of this session is to produce the following:

  • Create a high-level map of the organization’s horizontal dimension
  • Shift the thinking about what makes the organization a matrix
  • Define new ways of working that will help your organization improve how you operate as a matrix

Common Concerns

We’re not sure about matrix management or our level of commitment.

Committing to a working session shows that leaders have some desire to change the status quo. In assessing your organization, you may find that building awareness is the best place to start. If so, consider our training course Matrix Management 2.0™ Base Camp. This program introduces leaders to new ways of thinking, without creating unnecessary resistance to a change they may not be ready to tackle.

If you need help assessing readiness, get in touch with us. Together, we can identify your current readiness and create a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Our current culture is extremely hierarchical.

Matrix organizations operate horizontally, across functions. All too often, leaders attempt to impose the vertical hierarchy onto this horizontal dimension, which creates challenges in leading and working without authority.

If your organization currently has a hierarchical culture, the first step will be to shift to horizontal leadership, which requires letting go of the org chart. Our expert facilitators can guide leaders through this critical change as we work together to define what matrix management means in the context of your unique organization.

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