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Introduce Matrix Management 2.0™ to Your Organization

Introduce Matrix Management to Your OrganizationYour annual kickoff meeting is a perfect time and place to introduce Matrix Management 2.0 and ensure your leaders have a solid understanding of modern matrix management. It can also serve as a window into how well-prepared you are for the transition to a modern organizational operating system.

Choose the Option That’s Right for You

We work with you to evaluate your leaders current understanding of matrix management, and your organization’s current state of matrix maturity, and tailor an introduction to Matrix Management 2.0™ (MM 2.0™) that will resonate with your culture and leadership, exposing them to a new approach to problem solving.

No matter how much or how little time you have allocated, we have options to help you introduce Matrix Management 2.0™.

Keynote Presentations

Does your senior leadership team need an introduction to new matrix management concepts, but making a large commitment to training or consulting isn’t an option? Consider an insightful introduction to Matrix Management 2.0 presented by the Matrix Management Institute. A one-hour keynote presentation by the expert author and inventor of Matrix Management 2.0 can save thousands of hours implementing a system based on outdated principles.

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Collaborative Learning Sessions

Not much room on your agenda for a workshop or formal working session? Plan a “Lunch and Learn” and bring your leaders together in a casual learning environment to explore the fundamentals of Matrix Management 2.0™.

Got a bit more time? Plan a hands-on introduction to Matrix Management 2.0 with a half-day Rapid Fire for Leaders working session and collaboratively identify your top three organizational challenges, uncover the root causes, and determine next steps.

Define Priorities, Next Steps, and Takeaways

Regardless of how the conversation begins, we can help you define priorities and create a plan for takeaways and next steps.

For more tips on how to integrate Matrix Management 2.0 into your senior leaders’ annual meeting, read our Matrix Management 2.0 Magazine article, Introducing Matrix Management 2.0™ to Your Organization.

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