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Leadership Training for Matrix Leaders

Moving from vertical leadership to collaborative leadership in a matrix is a paradigm shift for a lot of leaders and can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Each of our leadership training programs takes into consideration not just the skills needed, but the degree of change needed to be effective leading in a two-dimensional matrix organization.

Collaborative Leadership Training Workshops for Matrix Leaders

Lead Without Authority

Our training focuses on developing the expert Matrix Management 2.0™ (MM 2.0™) knowledge, practical skills, and collaborative tools and techniques needed to lead teams without authority and navigate across your organization—skills and tools your matrix leaders will use every day to improve business outcomes.

Leading Teams in a Matrix

Empowerment, Accountability and Decision Making

Leading teams in a matrix requires the ability to build commitment and lead teams in which members do not report to the team leader. To be successful, leaders must lead as empowered adults, accept and apply a new system of accountability, and use collaborative leadership tools and techniques. Participants leave this 1-day program—the first course in our Leading in a Matrix curriculum—with new tools they can use immediately.

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Base Camp for Leaders

Shifting to a new way of leading and working in a matrix is an organizational change that requires commitment from the leadership team. The best way to get your leadership team on board, and to build the necessary commitment to action is for individual leaders to participate in the diagnostic process.

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Collaborative Solution Definition

Innovation is the process of creating solutions that move customers from a present state to a future state — from “what is” to “what will be.” It’s about improving, inventing or reinventing a product, service or process that is externally or internally focused.

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Collaborative Team Development

When members work together to accomplish the goals of a team, performance is accelerated. In this highly interactive workshop, participants learn how to use tools to help them build skills that can be applied immediately to their projects and initiative teams.

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Collaborative Meeting Management

As more and more work is done by teams, meetings can take up 50% or more of a person’s time. Leading effective meetings is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, and good facilitation skills are a core competency for anyone who leads meetings.

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Collaborative Consulting Sessions for Leaders in a Matrix and Matrix Teams

Facilitated by our expert matrix managment consultants, working sessions are perfect for leaders and leadership teams who want to identify and resolve organizational challenges collaboratively.

Kicking Off Your Matrix

Kicking Off Your Matrix is designed to inspire and energize leaders and teams to improve the way their matrix operates by introducing them to the Matrix Management 2.0™ (MM 2.0™) operating system and methodology.

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Rapid Fire for Leaders

Rapid Fire is a fast-paced ½ day collaborative working session for senior leaders. The emphasis is on identifying and resolving your most difficult organizational challenges.

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Operationalizing Your Matrix

Operationalizing Your Matrix brings leadership teams together to define the Matrix Management 2.0™ solution needed to run the organization with a two-dimensional view and to effectively make your matrix structure work.

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