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The Principles of the Matrix Management Structure Key

Matrix Management Structure KeyStructuring a matrix in today’s complex global environment requires a solution based on modern organizational technology that will optimize your organization, and deliver your strategy through cross-functional teams. Matrix Management 2.0™ (MM 2.0™) is based on a set of principles that support that complexity.

The 6 Guiding Principles of the Structure Key

There are five keys to making Matrix Management 2.0™ work — Structure, Productivity, Accountability, Relationship Management and Collaborative Leadership (SPARC™ Keys). Together, they produce the Alignment, Empowerment, Integration, Optimization, and Culture needed to operationalize your matrix. Our approach to matrix organization design begins with the principles of the Matrix Management 2.0™ Structure Key.

  1. Structure the horizontal dimension to run the business and the vertical to manage resources and technology
  2. Structure the horizontal dimension around the most important organizational sectors and vectors
  3. Structure the vertical dimension to support the horizontal structure
  4. Create interlocking teams whenever possible
  5. Structure organizational governance in the horizontal dimension
  6. Deploy goals throughout the horizontal dimension

Matrix Structure Maturity

The Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Model is a tool based on the SPARC Keys that provides the framework for creating and operationalizing your matrix structure. Each level addresses a different horizontal aspect of matrix structure maturity.


Structure Maturity

Stage 0 - Vertical Management 1.0 and Matrix Management 1.0Vertical structureStage 0 - Vertical Management 1.0 and Matrix Management 1.0
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 1Project steering council structure is in placeMatrix Management 2.0™ Stage 1
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 2Horizontal dimension mappedMatrix Management 2.0™ Stage 2
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 3Sector and vector structure for strategic and operational steering is in placeMatrix Management 2.0™ Stage 3
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 4Deliverables team structure is in placeMatrix Management 2.0™ Stage 4
Matrix Management 2.0™ Stage 5All horizontal structure is operational and sectors are structured around teamsMatrix Management 2.0™ Stage 5


In addition to matrix maturity, the Structure Key covers the changing role of the vertical dimension in support of the horizontal dimension, horizontal goal deployment, and the structuring of individual teams.

SPA — the Organizational Lever

Structure alone isn’t enough. You need to operationalize the business with the support of an updated management operating system so that it runs horizontally and positions your leaders to lead without authority. This requires leaders to address and update the Productivity and Accountability Keys as well.