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Team-Based Matrix Organization Restructuring

A Matrix Organization Has a Two-Dimensional Structure

Restructuring requires buy-in and commitment from the top in order to succeed. Our restructuring process is carried out in partnership with your team of internal business leaders and our team of matrix management experts. The end result is a two-dimensional matrix structure that enables leaders to run the business cross-functionally.

A Three-Phased Organizational Design Process

Leading an organization through restructuring requires an organizational design process that ensures alignment to the most important sectors of your organization. We use a three-phased process to:

  • Shift your organization’s thinking
  • Design a matrix structure that will work for your organization
  • Identify the work effort needed to implement the change

Phase 1: Understand the Current State of Your Matrix Organization

Matrix Organization Current State

During this phase, critical information is collected about your organization and its business goals. This not only ensures an understanding of what the organization does but also affords us the opportunity to see where the organization may still be applying Vertical Management 1.0 and Matrix Management 1.0.

Additionally, this phase is used to learn what your senior leadership team hopes to accomplish through the restructuring effort and demonstrate to them why a new approach is required to accomplish their goals. This information is also used to guide the creation of a restructuring project and the restructuring plan.

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Phase 2: Solidify Commitment and Buy-In From Leadership

One of the main reasons organizational redesign efforts fail is because the leadership team isn’t committed to the change, or the new approach doesn’t have the adequate buy-in needed to succeed. Structuring and running a business in the horizontal dimension is a new concept for many leaders and they often need to learn more about it before they can fully commit to the change.

The best way to solidify commitment among your leadership team is to show them why an outdated operating system doesn’t work, and why a new approach is needed.

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Phase 3: Team-Based Design

Click the image to view a full-screen roadmap of our team-based design process.

Matrix Management Team-Based Organizational Design Roadmap

Team-based design creates an environment where leaders can collaborate in building the right levels of horizontal matrix structure needed to run their business. This positions your leaders to take ownership of the solution since it is their solution versus an internal or external consultant’s solution.

It also continues to build their understanding of the Matrix Management 2.0™ system for operating a matrix and the changes in the Productivity and Accountability Keys that are necessary to make the structure work. As with any design project, stage gates and “go/no go” decisions are crucial to a successful launch.