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Project Leadership

A project is a temporary endeavor that produces a unique output, typically through a temporary cross-functional team.


What Do Projects Do for an Organization?

  • They bring together expert resources from across the organization to deliver results.
  • They deliver everything that is new or improved.
  • They deliver organizational strategy

How Are Your Projects Doing?

  1. Do your projects finish on-time according to an achievable plan or do the deadlines keep getting pushed back?
  2. Do your leaders struggle to cooperate across projects or is everyone aligned and supporting each other deliver the organizational priorities?
  3. Do you have to many active projects with not enough resources to get it all done or is the portfolio of projects managed so everyone project is successful?

With projects being so critical to strategy, it’s important that the organization itself is set up and operating in a way that supports a culture of success.

Improve Matrix Maturity Level 1 – Projects

If your organization is struggling to deliver projects in the most effective and efficient way, MMI can help by collaborating with your internal team to improve the maturity of your project system.

Matrix Management 2.0 is the organizational operating system of the cross-functional organization and the MM 2.0 Maturity Model lays out the roadmap for organizational effectiveness and a culture of a success. Maturity Level 1 is the project level and we can help you address the five Keys (SPARC™) of making projects work.

Supporting a Culture of Success Within Projects

Everyone at every level be ready to support more effective and efficient project delivery. Click each role to learn more.

Senior Leaders need to set up the portfolio of projects to be optimized. They need to understand how to steer and govern horizontally versus vertically, they need to commit to prioritizing across the organization versus in functions and update the organization’s accountability system to drive organizational and team results.

How can we help? If your leaders are ready to build awareness or beginning tackling the root causes, MMI has an experiential senior leadership program to help.

Through our Matrix Management 2.0 Base Camp, we build awareness of the root causes of ineffective and inefficient project delivery and the solutions to overcoming those causes.

When your leadership team is ready to take on those root causes and improve cross-functional delivery, MMI’s collaborative consulting working sessions focus specifically on your organization’s challenges and works with your team to design a solution and plan that is changed-based and adoption-focused.

Resource Leaders are any leader that has a direct report. These leaders are critical to project success given their role in allocating resources to projects across the organization.  Shifting their role to coach and guiding their direct reports to stay aligned to the organizational priorities, ensuring they can meet the commitments they make and negotiating priorities with more senior leaders supports a culture of success and positions everyone to deliver the most important priorities for the organization – which is the accountability of everyone.

Project Leaders typically lead teams of people who report to someone else — to another leader in the vertical dimension. This means project leaders must lead teams without having authority over the team members, and this is one of the primary challenges for leading projects in a matrix.

How can we help? Developing the skill to lead collaboratively and build a high performing team are skills every leader in a matrix need. MMI’s training programs are designed to build skills for everyone – the accidental project leader along with the official project leader.

Project Team Members participate on many projects and need to be able to participate in the collaborative planning process to define an achievable plan everyone can commit to. In a matrix, team membership on a project is not dependent or determined based upon the level someone has on an org chart and operating from an empowered adult mindset improves team dynamics and delivery. How can we help? Train your project team members in the collaborative planning process so they can engage on any team right away. Help them

In a matrix, the project leader must gain buy-in and ownership from the team members so they will commit to producing the deliverables needed for the project to succeed. The problem is that most project leadership methods are directive, not collaborative, and do not lead to commitment.

Learning how to lead projects collaboratively in a matrix is often the first step in making your matrix structure work.