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Leading Projects in a Matrix Organization

All approaches to leading projects in a matrix are not created equal.

Collaborative Project Leadership and Your Matrix Organization

Matrix Management Project TeamsLearning how to lead projects collaboratively in a matrix is often the first step in making your matrix structure work.

Project leaders typically lead teams of people who report to someone else — to another leader in the vertical dimension. This means project leaders must lead teams without having authority over the team members, and this is one of the primary challenges for leading projects in a matrix.

In a matrix, the project leader must gain buy-in and ownership from the team members so they will commit to producing the deliverables needed for the project to succeed. The problem is that most project leadership methods are directive, not collaborative, and do not lead to commitment.

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The Collaborative Approach to Project Leadership

Our approach to leading projects in a matrix is based on the principles of Matrix Management 2.0™. It’s designed to help project leaders develop the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to lead projects successfully.

  • Projects are managed as portfolios
  • Leadership is collaborative
  • New tools, methods, and practices are required

MMI brings methodology and tools to senior leaders, project leaders and team members need to execute the organization’s project portfolio.

For Senior Leaders, we bring a roadmap for improving the maturity level of how they operate projects across the organization. The project system is Level 1 of the Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Model because it is the first place every organization can improve to deliver strategy. Our team of consultants engage senior leaders in customized working sessions that focuses on your organization and overcoming the common challenges that are often the causes of a suboptmized versus optimized portfolio of projects.

For project leaders (and team members) our project training is highly experiential and focused on developing knowledge and skills to use practical tools and work together to plan and deliver projects successfully.

Matrix Management 2.0™ Compliant TrainingWhat Does Our Collaborative Project Leadership Training Offer?

We know there’s a lot of project leadership training on the market, but our Collaborative Project Leadership (CPL) training is the only program that offers truly collaborative tools and techniques to support your matrix. How does your project leadership training compare?

  • Is it aligned with the Matrix Management 2.0™ Operating System?
  • Does it teach project leaders and project teams a true collaborative method for leading projects?
  • Is it highly participative with opportunities to practice collaborative methods?
  • Do 99% of participants recommend the program to others?
  • Is it structured for novice as well as experienced project leaders and project teams?

If you need to improve your matrix project success, our Matrix Management 2.0™ compliant workshop may be right for you.

Collaborative Project Leadership Training Courses