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Reinventing Matrix Management

Reinventing Matrix Management White Paper

Want to learn to manage cross-functionally? Want to learn how to align your organization with the customer? Want to optimize business processes and projects? Read on to find out how.

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What Does It Take to be a Matrix Leader?

Has your organization restructured into something called a matrix or has it been a matrix for a while and you’re now being asked to become a matrix leader but you’re not sure exactly what that entails? Or have you identified that matrix leadership is the next evolution of leadership and you want to know more?

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through what matrix leadership is and what it isn’t and how to take the first steps in improving your leadership skills.

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Cross-Functional Warfare

Does your quality function believe it’s more important than customer service? Do your areas compete for the limited resources to get their goals met? Are the silos between your functions wider than the Grand Canyon? This webinar addresses the root causes behind common issues operating cross-functionally in a matrix.

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Too Much To Do, Not Enough Resources

If your organization has too many strategic objectives, projects or initiatives and not enough resources to execute them all properly, you may actually be operating improperly in a matrix structure.

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