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Operationalizing Your Matrix

Operationalizing Your Matrix White Paper

There’s more to restructuring than moving boxes around on the org chart.

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Getting the Org Chart to Deliver Your Strategy

Getting the Org Chart to Deliver Your Strategy White Paper

Driving strategy requires more than making modifications to your org chart. It involves shifting how employees and leaders think and collaborate – without needing to restructure!

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A New Approach to Restructuring

Matrix Management Team-Based Organizational Design Roadmap

Successfully restructuring a matrix organization requires a shift in thinking, and a team-based organizational design roadmap that ensures alignment to the most important sectors of the organization.

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Restructure Roadmap

Operationalizing Your Matrix White Paper

Pick up where the consultants have left off: find out what’s changing and the new rules of the game, map business processes that are affected and redefine accountability, prepare leaders for their new roles, and prepare everyone to work together in the new structure

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