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Collaboration: The Future of Leadership Development

Leaders talk a good game when it comes to collaboration. They’ve watched competitors out-innovate them and suddenly get religion around cross-functional collaboration. So, they collect inputs from stakeholders and collect those inputs to make a decision, which then gets shared with the team. But that’s not collaboration.

In this webinar, we’ll outline the necessary components of training programs that bolster cross-functional collaboration, and those that don’t.

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How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Wouldn't it be nice to have a culture of innovation? One in which everyone is actively looking for improvements and breakthroughs? One that helps ensure the survival of the organization? One that create engagement and commitment as well?

Well, it is a lofty goal, but an achievable one that you can start working on today. There are a couple of relatively simple things you can do to start the journey and we'll tell you all about them in this webinar.

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Matrix Management and the High-Performance Culture


The complexity and speed of the Digital Age calls for nimble processes that can adapt to dynamic market conditions, and because of this, many companies are looking to restructure into a Matrix. But that’s unnecessary!

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How to Break Down Functional Silos


Discover the real causes behind a common matrix challenge – cooperating across functions - with a guided case study about how this challenge shows up in an organization and new rules for operating that can help you eliminate silos and improve cooperation and collaboration across functions.

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Cross-Functional Warfare


Does your quality function believe it’s more important than customer service? Do your areas compete for the limited resources to get their goals met? Are the silos between your functions wider than the Grand Canyon? This webinar addresses the root causes behind common issues operating cross-functionally in a matrix.

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Too Much To Do, Not Enough Resources


If your organization has too many strategic objectives, projects or initiatives and not enough resources to execute them all properly, you may actually be operating improperly in a matrix structure.

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Managing the Restructure Aftermath: 4 Things You Must Do Right Away


The restructure of an organization is not the most fun aspect of HR leadership; however, it is often a necessary strategy for businesses to take. This webinar focuses on important topics that organizational development and training staff deal with at least once (and given the current trend) often three to five times in their career.

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