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Matrix Management Collaborative Methods

Matrix Management 2.0™ Compliant Training

In a matrix, every leader must be able to lead without formal authority. This requires the need to gain consensus from the team before proceeding. Collaborative methods help create alignment to team goals and enable the team to produce better results, because there are more minds generating ideas.

In addition to our Collaborative Project Management workshops, our workshops in collaborative methods enable leaders and team members to achieve better outcomes of any team activity, from an ongoing project to one-time meeting.


Collaborative Tools for Projects 101

In this course, we introduce a structured process for defining the accountability of a project team. Using collaborative team-based tools, participants learn how to work together collaboratively to build a project plan everyone on the team can commit to. This is an experiential course with most of the time spent practicing tools and processes that will prepare everyone that leads or participates on a project how to collaborate effectively.

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Webinar: What Does Collaboration Really Mean?

Collaboration is the most effective approach for creating commitment to team goals. Yet, collaboration is often misunderstood, which leads to inefficiencies and conflict. Truly collaborative teams work together to plan and produce outcomes. In this one-hour webinar, participants will learn what Matrix Management 2.0™ collaboration looks like and why it is important in a matrix. 

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Collaborative Solution Definition

Collaborative Solution Definition Workshop

Innovation is the process of creating solutions that move customers from a present state to a future state — from “what is” to “what will be.” In this highly interactive course, participants are introduced to an innovation-based solution definition process. Using tools provided, team leaders and/or business analysts learn how to identify achievable and adoptable solutions that do more than “solve the problem,” they “deliver the strategy.”

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Collaborative Team Development

Collaborative Team Development Training Workshop

When members work together to accomplish the goals of a team, performance is accelerated. In this highly interactive course, participants learn how to use tools, such as affinity diagraming, constructive feedback and self-assessment. This course is designed for leaders who want to improve their  team-building skills. 

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Collaborative Meeting Management

Collaborative Meeting Management Training Workshop

As more and more work is done by teams, meetings can take up 50% or more of a person’s time. Leading more effective meetings is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, and good meeting facilitation skills are a core competency for anyone who leads a meeting. In this course, participants will learn to plan and facilitate an effective and efficient meeting, make decisions in a meeting and solve problems as a group.

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