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Collaborative Meeting Management

Collaborative Meeting Management Training Workshop

As more and more work is done by teams, meetings can take up 50% or more of a person’s time. Leading more effective meetings is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, and good meeting facilitation skills are a core competency for anyone who leads a meeting.


Duration: 1 ½ Days

Who Should Attend:

Collaborative Meeting Management is for anyone who needs to lead meeting and move a group of people towards consensus. This workshop accommodates up to 25 people.

Learning Objectives:

In this highly participative 1 ½ day workshop, participants learn how to lead a group through the three stages of every meeting: opening, work and closing; and how to lead a group to consensus instead of conflict by using collaborative decision-making and collaborative problem-solving tools. Participants learn to make team decisions, solve team problems, brainstorm, analyze ideas, facilitate, set ground rules and design agendas.

Participants who complete the course will know how to:


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