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Collaborative Tools for Projects 101

In this course, we introduce a structured process for defining the accountability of a project team. Using collaborative team-based tools, participants learn how to work together collaboratively to build a project plan everyone on the team can commit to. This is an experiential course with most of the time spent practicing tools and processes that will prepare everyone that leads or participates on a project how to collaborate effectively.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete this course will be able to:


This course is for project leaders and team members to help them collaborate more effectively on projects.

Recommended Length:

1 Day

Recommended Class Size:

Course Outline:

  1. Introductions and Project Challenges
  2. The Basics of Projects
  3. The Project Management Process
  4. Tool: Stakeholder Map
  5. Tool: Solution Breakdown
  6. Tool: Risk Assessment
  7. Tool: Deliverables Schedule
  8. Tool: Adoption Force-field analysis and plan
  9. Solving Project Challenges
  10. Personal Action Plans and Wrap-up

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