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Collaborative Project Leadership

Leading cross-functional projects on time and on budget requires the commitment of team members to delivering project outcomes, which can be an even bigger challenge when working remotely. This interactive, virtual program guides participants through a team-based, collaborative approach that project leaders and teams use to co-create an achievable project plan.

This course focuses on the first two phases of the MM 2.0™ Collaborative Project Leadership Process: Start Up and Planning. Our facilitator guides participants through collaborative processes for clarifying project scope, identifying stakeholders, and structuring a team during the start-up phase. Then, the group learns and practices collaborative tools and techniques to create an achievable plan for developing and adopting the project solution. The virtual program allows the group to explore the inter-dependencies in projects and to create a project schedule that accounts for capacity constraints of team members due to other priorities and work.  

This hands-on session uses a case study and real-world situations to drive small-group activities, allowing participants to apply tools firsthand and experience true collaboration.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will be able to do the following:

  • Clarify project scope to understand the underlying goals and needs, as well as any constraints the team must abide by when planning the project
  • Identify key project stakeholders and use tools to determine who should be on the team
  • Lead teams of stakeholders through a collaborative project planning process
  • Facilitate a team to create an interdependent schedule and realistic timeline, based on available capacity
  • Help stakeholders define and commit to a plan they will use to negotiate on behalf of the team, building buy-in and commitment


Anyone that leads or participates in cross-functional projects or initiatives

Recommended Length:

2 days

Recommended Class Size:


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