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Collaborative Project Leadership

Leading cross-functional projects successfully—on time and on budget—requires the commitment of team members to delivering project outcomes. In this highly interactive program, participants learn a team-based, collaborative approach that project leaders and teams use to co-create an achievable project plan.

This training course focuses on the first two phases of the MM 2.0™ Collaborative Project Leadership Process: Start Up and Planning. Our facilitator guides participants through collaborative processes for clarifying project scope, identifying stakeholders, and structuring a team during the start-up phase. Then, the group learns and practices collaborative tools and techniques to create an achievable plan for developing and adopting the project solution. In this training, the group explores the inter-dependencies in projects and learns how to create a project schedule that accounts for capacity constraints of team members due to other priorities and work.  

This hands-on session uses a case study and real-world situations to drive small-group activities, allowing participants to apply tools firsthand and experience true collaboration.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will be able to do the following:

  • Clarify project scope to understand the underlying goals and needs, as well as any constraints the team must abide by when planning the project
  • Identify key project stakeholders and use tools to determine who should be on the team
  • Lead teams of stakeholders through a collaborative project planning process
  • Facilitate a team to create an interdependent schedule and realistic timeline, based on available capacity
  • Help stakeholders define and commit to a plan they will use to negotiate on behalf of the team, building buy-in and commitment


Anyone that leads or participates in cross-functional projects or initiatives

Recommended Length:

2 days

Recommended Class Size:


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