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Leading and Working in a Matrix

Training for Matrix Leaders & Professionals

Leaders in a matrix environment encounter unique challenges. We offer workshops based on the Matrix Management 2.0™ operating system to help leaders and professionals update their skillsets so they can succeed in a matrix.


Matrix Leadership Curriculum

Course 1 – Leading Without Authority

Leading Without Authority

Leading in a matrix requires the ability to work without authority across the organization to build commitment, lead cross-functional teams, and influence and negotiate. To be successful, leaders need to shift their thinking about how a matrix organization works, lead as an empowered adult, accept and apply a new system of accountability, and use collaborative tools and techniques.

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Course 2 – Leading Teams in a Matrix

Leading Teams in a Matrix

Teams are the most important unit in a matrix organization and every leader needs to be a skilled team leader – whether that is a governance team, project or initiative team, or working business process team. One of the main things teams do is make decisions and solve problems and using collaborative team-based processes is proven to produce better decisions and solutions that have the commitment and buy-in from key stakeholders.

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Course 3 – Accountability in a Matrix

Accountability in a Matrix

Accountability is a pivotal system for making a matrix work. When organizations have leaders that understand how a matrix-based system can enable organizations to create a culture of success, they are empowered to negotiate achievable accountability in alignment with strategic goals. In this course, leaders learn about how to use accountability to let go of control and the need for authority to deliver organizational, team and individual outcomes.

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Course 4 – Leading Initiatives Without Authority

Leading Initiatives Without Authority

Leading initiatives successfully in a matrix is achieved when team members are committed to delivering the outcomes of the project. This fourth course in the Matrix Leadership curriculum series builds on the ideas explored in Courses 1, 2 and 3 – Leading Without Authority, Leading Teams in a Matrix, and Accountability in a Matrix and adds to those skills the upfront solution definition and collaborative planning tools needed to create commitment and team buy-in to an achievable plan that supports the negotiating stage in the Accountability process.

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Thriving in a Matrix

Thriving in a Matrix Training Program

A matrix organization is one that needs to operate in two dimensions – the horizontal and vertical. Depending on how an organization is set up to operate as a matrix, individuals may experience common matrix issues, such as dealing with two “bosses”, being pulled in multiple directions and receiving conflicting requests or direction. To thrive in this type of environment, having the right mindset, being able to build partnership relationships, and negotiating agreements are key to success.

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Matrix Management 2.0™ Base Camp

Every matrix organization is comprised of multiple sectors that create a complex cross-functional organizational system. To operate as effectively and efficiently as a matrix, the organization needs an operational strategy that is designed to optimize the horizontal versus vertical dimension of the organization.

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Matrix Webinars

Webinar: What Does it Mean to Work in a Matrix?

As organizations grow and evolve into a matrix, leaders and team members need to embrace the fact that working in this type of organization requires a different approach and a new set of skills. The first step to success in a matrix is clarity and understanding about what it actually is. This webinar is a great introduction for any organization that needs to build this common understanding.

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