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Matrix Management 2.0™ – Creating an Operating Strategy

Changing an operating system takes time, whether upgrading a computer, a mobile device or an organization. This program reviews key concepts from our foundational course and guides participants in applying the Matrix Management 2.0™ operating system to their unique organization.

The course begins with a role-playing game that replicates the current approach to setting organizational priorities, exposing both strengths and weaknesses to objective evaluation. The exercise helps senior leaders uncover the root causes behind their organizational challenges. Changing the rules of the game allows participants to experience how new ways of working can improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will do the following:

  • Examine the root causes behind organizational challenges
  • Explore and apply new rules that can solve organizational challenges
  • Define an operational strategy to overcome challenges.
  • Perform a force field analysis to identify the primary challenge


Executives and senior leaders

Recommended Length:

1.5 days*

Recommended Class Size:

10 to 15

*1-day program also available

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