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Matrix Management 2.0™ Base Camp

Modern organizations are complex systems, made up of multiple segments and functions. To operate effectively and efficiently, organizations need an operational system that optimizes cross-functional collaboration, which happens in the horizontal dimension, where raw materials are converted into customer deliverables. The Matrix Management 2.0™ operating system addresses both the horizontal dimension (where work gets done) and the vertical dimension (where resources are organized, as embodied in the organizational chart) to eliminate vertical silos and foster true collaboration.

This experiential program guides participants through hands-on simulations that illustrate how an outdated operating system can limit organizational performance. Facilitators introduce new rules and critical shifts that can transform operational effectiveness. The Matrix Management 2.0™ Base Camp sets the stage for senior executives and organizational development teams who are ready to upgrade to a nimble system that can manage the complexity of today’s business environment.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will do the following:

  • Understand how outdated operating rules hinder organizational effectiveness
  • Gain tools and techniques for improving organizational effectiveness
  • Learn how to map horizontal processes within an organization
  • Develop a new way of thinking about what it takes to run a matrix organization
  • Begin defining new ways of working


Executives and senior leaders, HR/OD teams accountable for organizational effectiveness

Recommended Length:

1.5 days*

Recommended Class Size:

15 to 20

*1-day program also available

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