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MM 2.0™ Introduction II – Understanding True Collaboration

In a complex, cross-functional matrix environment, working with stakeholders from across the organization is key to delivering outcomes. Some of those outcomes will result from a project, initiative, or process, while others consist of decisions and solutions to problems made on a regular basis.

This program introduces participants to a collaborative process, allowing them to experience true collaboration and to engage stakeholders in an inclusive way. Participants also learn how to map stakeholders (of a decision, problem, project, process, etc.), looking beyond functional boundaries to identify the right team members.

As a follow-up to MM 2.0™ Introduction I – Understanding Your Organization as a Matrix, this program focuses on one of the most common team-based activities: problem-solving. Participants learn and implement a collaborative problem-solving tool to:

  • Practice engaging stakeholders to consider a wide range of perspectives
  • Generate meaningful contributions from all team members
  • Look at problems and solutions through the lens of innovation

This highly experiential course builds the knowledge and competency for leading and working with stakeholders across an organization.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will:

  • Be able to identify stakeholders of their work
  • Be able to explain what true collaboration is
  • Work through a collaborative problem-solving process with stakeholders


Any members of a matrix organization

Recommended Length:

3 – 3.5 hours

Recommended Class Size:

Up to 25 participants

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