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Team-Based Collaborative Project Leadership

Projects are how everything new and improved is created in an organization. Projects are how organizations deliver change and organizational strategy. In order to succeed at leading projects without authority, project managers need to build additional skills specific to leading in a matrix. Our project management workshops focus on leadership in a matrix, collaborative methods, and the pivotal role of a project sponsor.


Collaborative Project Leadership 101

Successful project delivery has both project leaders and team members skilled at working through the tools needed to set a project up for success.

The courses break down our 7-stage Collaborative Project Management Process that works a team through clarifying what is being asked of them, planning and locking down commitment, delivering results and looking for continuous improvements for the whole organization.

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Webinar: Seven Tips for Leading Projects in a Matrix

Leading without authority presents additional challenges to project managers. This webinar is a 90-minute overview of leadership techniques and skills specific to matrix organizations.  During Q&A, participants will be able to ask questions about their real-life challenges and the instructor will go over possible solutions. 

This webinar will create a common understanding about leading projects without authority. Participants can later build on this conversation by taking more in-depth courses.

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Introduction to Collaborative Project Management

Introduction t Collaborative Project Management

Matrix teams come together to achieve a goal or produce an outcome. Project managers build commitment to the team outcome and negotiate an agreement that is achievable by the team. The best way to achieve this is through collaboration. In this course, we introduce participants to a set of proven collaborative project management tools they can easily use with any team to implement a solution that doesn’t require a full project management process.

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Collaborative Project Leadership

Collaborative Project Leadership

Leading a team successfully in a matrix is achieved through collaboration. When team members participate in creating the plans they must execute, they become committed to delivering the outcomes.

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Collaborative Project Leadership “Teach and Do”

Do your project and team leaders work with stakeholders across the organization to plan and deliver project outcomes? Are your teams working on multiple initiatives with little time left for training? The Collaborative Project Leadership “Teach and Do” program is a great solution for busy project leaders and teams who need to build collaborative project leadership skills but are pressed for time.

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Sponsoring Projects in a Matrix

Sponsoring Projects in a Matrix

Project sponsors play a vital role in the successful outcome of a project.  Many believe that the sponsor’s job is done once the project gets underway, but this is not true.  

In this course, participants learn how the project system works to enable an organization to deliver strategy, build their understanding about the different roles and responsibilities across the project system and develop their skills to write a clear project charter. They will also learn what they can (and should) do at every phase of the project cycle to insure the best possible outcome.

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