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Collaborative Project Management “Teach and Do”

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Do your project and team leaders work with stakeholders across the organization to plan and deliver project outcomes? Are your teams working on multiple initiatives with little time left for training?

The Collaborative Project Management “Teach and Do” program  is a great solution for busy project  leaders and teams who need to build collaborative project management skills but are pressed for time.

To maximize value, the “Teach and Do” program uses an active team project that allows participants to immediately practice what they learn.


Duration: N/A

Who Should Attend:

Any team leader and team that needs to plan their project - which is to say - any working team!

Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete a “Teach and Do” will know how to:

What’s Covered

Minimal lecture and maximum class involvement

Participants learn how to apply our robust collaborative project planning method while creating a real-life project plan based on a pre-written project charter.

What Will Participants Do?

During a “Teach and Do” workshop, participants will:

  • Complete a risk assessment


Course Outline:

We customize the agenda of this workshop based on the chosen project.

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