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The Matrix Management Institute has been featured in the following publications:


How to Manage the Modern, Multi-Dimensional Organization

The demands on organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively are constantly increasing. Leaders in every industry face challenges on multiple fronts. Many organizations are examining how to support and adapt to an increasingly multi-generational workforce while staying competitive in attracting top talent.Read More (p. 16) →
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“Everything Takes Three Times As Long As You Think It’s Going To Take” 3 Startup Tips With Paula Martin

“As a creative person, I see the end product clearly in mind, but slogging through the reality of producing it is another matter. I’ve learned to be more patient, to set realistic timeframes and then add some contingency to them and then some more. That saves me and everyone in the organization a lot of unneeded stress.”Read More →
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Four Strategies To Ensure Corporate Cohesion And Break The Silo Syndrome

I had the opportunity to speak with Cathy Cassidy, the Managing Director of the International Matrix Management Institute, who is a renowned expert on the barriers created by business silos and how to overcome them. Together we came up with some great insights into this problem and its solutions.Read More →