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Shift Your Thinking,
Transform Your Organization

Matrix Management Institute helps businesses, governments and nonprofits discover a more effective way to operate.

boss sitting on top of a worker

The usual approach to work doesn’t work.

Small wonder. We keep applying 20th century management principles to 21st century problems. Trying to control people creates frustration and kills engagement. Instead, leaders need to harness their team’s knowledge and skills through collaboration.

If you lead cross-functional teams—or secure training for those who do—you’ve come to the right place.

Learn by doing.

Give employees the team-based skills
they need to succeed in today’s workplace.
Experiential programs reinforce
key concepts with hands-on application.

person reading a training guide and putting sticky notes on wall
girl with red bandana flexing her arm

Let’s do this. Together.

Ready to change? Let us guide you
through creating a plan to overcome your
challenges. We provide the tools and help
you set the stage for transformation.

Our Clients

Tired of…?

  • Frequent restructuring
  • Silos that sabotage collaboration
  • Too many projects, not enough resources
  • Blame-based accountability
  • Lack of employee engagement
  • Lengthy, unproductive meetings

We can help you…

  • Work across functions (no authority needed!)
  • Make decisions transparent
  • Build and lead effective teams
  • Shift managers from “bosses” to “coaches”
  • Empower and engage employees
  • Realize your organization’s human potential