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Training Courses

Our current training course offerings appear below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us to discuss how we can create an experiential program tailored for your organization’s needs.


Collaborative Decision Making and Meeting Management

Today, more and more work happens in a cross-functional team setting, which requires collaboration among key stakeholders. This hands-on course guides participants through a structured, collaborative process for making decisions effectively and efficiently. Since most of these decisions happen in meetings, this program teaches collaborative tools in the context of a meeting, offering tips and techniques to make these gatherings more effective and efficient as well.
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Collaborative Project Leadership

Successful execution of cross-functional projects requires commitment of all team members. To achieve that success, project leaders need a different approach, one that engages subject matter experts and key stakeholders to co-create realistic plans. This hands-on program teaches participants collaborative tools and techniques for launching and planning cross-functional projects.
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Leading Cross-Functionally (or Leading Without Authority)

The cross-functional nature of modern business means that leaders often need to achieve results through a team without any authority. This experiential program shifts participants’ thinking about leadership and provides tools to help them adopt a new way of leading that doesn’t depend on authority.
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Matrix Management 2.0™ Base Camp

Facilitators use hands-on simulations to help senior leaders and organizational development teams uncover the unwritten rules that often limit organizational performance. Participants gain insight into the root causes behind current operational challenges, paving the way to create lasting solutions that don’t require restructuring.
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Matrix Management 2.0™  – Creating an Operating Strategy

Building on the Matrix Management 2.0™ Base Camp, this course combines lecture and simulations to help participants identify the root causes of organizational challenges and begin creating an operational strategy to improve organizational effectiveness. Senior leaders learn collaborative tools and techniques to help them set organizational priorities and govern through portfolios.
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MM 2.0™ Introduction I – Understanding Your Organization as a Matrix

This course helps team members at all levels understand matrix management in the context of their specific organization. Hands-on simulations and group activities demonstrate foundational principles of the Matrix Management 2.0™ operating system, setting the stage for organizational transformation.
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MM 2.0™ Introduction II – Understanding True Collaboration

This program builds on Understanding Your Organization as a Matrix and offers equal value as a stand-alone program. Participants are introduced to collaborative problem-solving, a critical competency in today’s complex world. Team members at all levels learn how to identify and to engage stakeholders across an organization to produce better decisions, faster.
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