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Harness the Power of Collaboration 

Are you thinking about—or wrapping up—a reorganization to create alignment or improve collaboration? Do you need to improve your organizational agility or break down functional silos? If so, we’re glad you found us.   

We’ve helped businesses, governments and nonprofits around the world build an operating culture that harnesses the power of cross-functional collaboration.  

We help leaders shift from an authority-based mindset to a more flexible approach that unlocks human potential by developing their understanding and capability to lead without authority. Best of all, the resulting cultural changes make work more fulfilling and enjoyable for everyone. 

Our Services 

Working Sessions 

Working sessions tackle your unique operational challenge by shifting paradigms about your cross-functional operations. Together, we identify the unwritten rules behind these challenges and build an adoptable solution for your organization. 

Available virtually, these engagements are designed for leadership teams and small groups. Our experiential approach shows participants how critical shifts can yield dramatic results. We combine our expertise in organizational effectiveness with your knowledge and expertise regarding your business.  


Virtual training programs combine self-paced learning, facilitated guidance, and offline activities that reinforce course principles. Team-based activities build partnerships that are critical in leading and working without authority.

Training programs connect learning objectives with your current challenges, whether you want to tackle a specific issue or to develop core competencies. When working with teams, we use real situations where possible so that participants walk away with an actionable work product.


Amplify the effects of either working sessions or training programs through group or individual coaching. As your team practices their new skills, we can provide ongoing guidance and support to help you hone those skills and apply them more effectively. 

As a stand-alone advisory service, coaching can help leaders prepare for organizational transformation. Coaching sessions can pinpoint challenges and create an early roadmap for changes.  


Our Approach 

Organizations everywhere face similar issues, with many possible solutions. But every organization is unique, with a specific culture that defies cookie-cutter solutions. From our first interaction, we actively partner with you to begin the co-creation process. We start by learning about your company or group, including culture, specific challenges, and readiness for change. Together, we create a plan for transformation, tailored for your needs and goals.  

We don’t tell you what to do. Instead, we provide proven tools and techniques and guide you through the process of discovering the right solution for your situation. 

Let’s get started.

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