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Operationalizing Your Matrix

Have you recently completed a restructuring effort? Did you create some form of a matrix organization?

There’s more to restructuring than moving boxes around on the org chart. It’s time to operationalize the new structure.

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The 7 Keys to Project Portfolio Success

There are seven keys to creating a successful portfolio of projects. These keys highlight what management needs to do to enable project teams across the organization to be effective and efficient.

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A New Approach to Restructuring

Matrix Management Team-Based Organizational Design Roadmap

Successfully restructuring a matrix organization requires a shift in thinking, and a team-based organizational design roadmap that ensures alignment to the most important sectors of the organization.

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The Problem With Needing Things Yesterday

The Problem With Needing Things Yesterday White Paper

In this white paper, you will learn how to create a proactive and productive culture in your matrix and avoid a counterproductive reactionary culture.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Functional Collaboration

Most organizations realize the need for working cross-functionally—but what does that really mean? What can you get from cross-functional collaboration that you can’t get from the way things run now, up and down through vertical silos? Why do current efforts to work more cross-functionally fail? All of these questions and more are answered in our Ultimate Guide to Cross-Functional Collaboration.

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