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The 7 Keys to Project Portfolio Success

There are seven keys to creating a successful portfolio of projects. These keys highlight what management needs to do to enable project teams across the organization to be effective and efficient.

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A New Approach to Restructuring

Matrix Management Team-Based Organizational Design Roadmap

Successfully restructuring a matrix organization requires a shift in thinking, and a team-based organizational design roadmap that ensures alignment to the most important sectors of the organization.

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The Problem With Needing Things Yesterday

The Problem With Needing Things Yesterday White Paper

In this white paper, you will learn how to create a proactive and productive culture in your matrix and avoid a counterproductive reactionary culture.

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Restructure Roadmap

Pick up where the consultants have left off: find out what’s changing and the new rules of the game, map business processes that are affected and redefine accountability, prepare leaders for their new roles, and prepare everyone to work together in the new structure

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The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Functional Collaboration

Most organizations realize the need for working cross-functionally—but what does that really mean? What can you get from cross-functional collaboration that you can’t get from the way things run now, up and down through vertical silos? Why do current efforts to work more cross-functionally fail? All of these questions and more are answered in our Ultimate Guide to Cross-Functional Collaboration.

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