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About the Matrix Management Institute

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Our Methodology

Our methodology is Matrix Management 2.0™(MM 2.0™), a fully-integrated organizational operating system for any complex organization.  It is the result of over 30 years of thinking and on-the-ground practical experience working with complex organizations.

matrix management 2.0What We Do: Help Organizational Leaders Harness the Power of the Horizontal Dimension

Any organization that needs to operate in two-dimensions is a matrix organization.

Our clients are decisive leaders and influencers who recognize the need to operate two-dimensionally. Our genius lies in helping clients formalize the horizontal dimension, operationalize their matrix and develop leaders who can lead without authority so you can harness the power of the horizontal dimension to deliver your business strategy.

What We Offer: End-to-End Matrix Solutions

  • Organizational Diagnostic Assessments to identify the root causes of your matrix challenges, assess where your organization currently stands in the Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Model and provide an essential baseline for moving forward.
  • Collaborative consulting to engage leaders and teams in co-creating the customized matrix solution needed to overcome operational challenges.
  • Collaborative training programs based on Matrix Management 2.0™ to develop the knowledge and collaborative skills leaders and teams need to lead and work without authority.
  • Training for OD and HR professionals to develop knowledge and expertise in applying the Matrix Management 2.0™ technology
  • The Matrix Management 2.0™ Body of Knowledge to document the terms, premises, principles, and rules of the Matrix Management 2.0™ Organizational Operating Systems the standard for running any matrix organization.
  • Booksvideos and articles to bring the horizontal dimension, collaboration and the entire Matrix Management 2.0™ system to life.

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