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3 Reasons to Bring Matrix Management 2.0™ to Your Clients

3 Reasons to Bring Matrix Management 2.0™ to Your Clients

I’m sure you’ll agree that certain professions have a specific technology for delivering their products and services. IT professionals use software and hardware technology, physicians use science and medicine technology, and engineers use engineering technology. The same is true for organizational development professionals. Our technology is management technology.

Technology for OD Professionals

Unfortunately, the management technology that some organizations use is actually the cause of many of the challenges that leaders need help to help resolve! That technology is called VM 1.0 or Vertical Management 1.0, and it’s old and obsolete.

Management Styles Continually ChangingContinually Changing

In all fields, technology changes over time. Sometimes it changes rapidly, like computer technology, and other times it takes longer to change. Management technology is no different; it evolves just like everything else in the world.

The most up-to-date technology available for use by organizational development professionals is called Matrix Management 2.0™.

Whether you are an internal professional or an external service provider, here are 3 compelling reasons to bring Matrix Management 2.0™ management technology to your clients:

  1. A matrix organization operates in two dimensions — vertical and horizontal— but Vertical Management 1.0 technology is designed for a one-dimensional organization. Think of it as continuing to use a DOS® operating system when we live in a Windows® 10 world. Matrix Management 2.0™ is a two-dimensional organizational operating system designed to run today’s complex matrix organizations.
  2. Organizations that have been migrating to the new management technology have so far focused on the leadership component, but that component of the technology can only take organizations so far. It takes the full Matrix Management 2.0™ operating system to support the organization’s effort to produce real results and reach its potential.
  3. In your role as an OD professional, you now have the opportunity to demonstrate your critical value to organizational leaders by bringing them the most up-to-date management technology available today — a management technology that will solve the organizational problems that have been intractable until now.

Get up to Speed

Don’t fall behind the evolutionary curve. Find out more about the latest technology for running any relatively large, complex organization. A good place to start is to read our book, Matrix Management Reinvented: Book 1 – The New Game in Town.

Cathy Cassidy

As the Managing Director of the International Matrix Management Institute, Cathy helps organizations and practitioners adopt the skills and methods they need to succeed in today’s complex, dynamic environment. She is a Matrix Management 2.0™ Master Consultant and the author of several books on matrix management, including her most recent publication, Managing Projects in a Matrix. She is a key contributor to the Matrix Management 2.0™ Body of Knowledge, co-developer of the Matrix Management 2.0™ organizational operating system, and a lead developer for the company.