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Matrix Management Reinvented: Book 1

Matrix Management 2.0™ — the New Game in Town

Lisa, a Matrix Management 2.0™ consultant, introduces Leon, the CEO and owner of a growing consulting organization, to the fundamentals of a new organizational operating system—the new game in town—and the five keys (SPARC™) to making it work.

Matrix Management Reinvented: Book 1

They begin their journey with a conversation about an old operating systems—Vertical Management—and how it’s no longer adequate to address the challenges Leon faces in his organization:

  • You need authority to get things done
  • The power lies with the leaders of the vertical silos
  • Working on cross-functional teams difficult

These old operating systems have been around for 60 years, and most organizations who still use them have a difficult time winning on today’s global playing field. Matrix Management 2.0™ is a new operating system designed to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency so you can push past your competition.

In Book 1, you will learn why you need to play the rules for playing the new game in town:

  • What is Vertical Management 1.0?
  • What problems does it create?
  • Why does restructuring fail?
  • Why doesn’t Management by Objectives work?
  • What is the horizontal dimension?
  • What outcomes should you expect from an organizational operating system?

Take the journey with Leon and Lisa and learn how you can make your matrix organization a success with Matrix Management 2.0™.

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