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Jump-Start Your Matrix Organization

Are your leadership teams ready to begin incorporating matrix concepts into their organizational strategy? Have you just restructured into a matrix? Wondering how to get started?

You’ve come to the right place.

Is Your Organizational Operating System Up-To-Date?

An organizational operating system (OS) is like the OS on a computer. If it’s up-to-date, your machine runs smoothly, if not – you may start to experience problems when you try to run the latest software. If your organization is struggling with any of these problems, it may be time to upgrade your OS:

  • Frequent attempts to resolve problems by reorganizing
  • Leaders who struggle to work without authority
  • A lack of alignment between functions and a lack of cooperation across functions/departments or divisions
  • Over-committed resources and late or over-budget projects
  • A culture of blame and finger-pointing

The Matrix Management 2.0™ OS

Matrix Management 2.0 (MM 2.0™) is the only horizontally-focused organizational OS that truly supports your matrix strategies.

Four Things You Can Do to Get Started:

1. Read Matrix Management Reinvented: Book 1

Our book, The New Game in Town,  introduces the fundamentals of the Matrix Management 2.0™ operating system, and the keys to making it work.

Get Matrix Management Reinvented: Book 1 – The New Game in Town

2. Take Our Free One-Minute Matrix Assessment

Determine where your organization currently stands in the Matrix Management 2.0™ Maturity Model.

Take our free assessment

3. Read The Matrix Management 2.0™ Quick Guide

Our easy-to-read Quick Guide walks you through SPARC™, the five keys to improving any matrix, as well as the Matrix Management 2.0™ Matrix Maturity Model.

Order Matrix Management 2.0™ Quick Guide

4. Introduce Matrix Management 2.0™ to Your Organizations

Your annual kickoff meeting is the perfect time and place to introduce Matrix Management 2.0 to your senior leaders.

Learn about your options