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Foundations of Leading Cross-Functionally – Virtual

This virtual program introduces participants to the basics of working in a matrix—an organization that relies on cross-functional operations. The course takes place over a 10-week period, alternating five self-guided weeks and five virtual sessions led by an expert facilitator. Self-guided weeks use video and the participant workbook to cover a topic. Each week includes assignments for the individual, learning partners and/or teams.

Like all of our training options, the program is highly experiential and requires participants to work through exercises on their own and in teams to practice their new skills.

Participants explore the roles and relationships that exist across today’s complex organizations. The program sets the stage for adopting a collaborative leadership approach, building and managing win-win partnerships throughout their sphere of influence.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will do the following:

  • Define the various roles they fulfill in the organization
  • Understand what it means to act as an empowered adult
  • Create a relationship map that includes both authority- and non-authority-based relationships
  • Learn how to build relationships based on partnership
  • Acquire a tool for solving conflicts


Leaders with direct reports, team leaders and project leaders

Recommended Length:

10 weeks*

Recommended Class Size:

Up to 16 participants (Minimum of 12)

* Optional coaching can be added, which provides access to the instructor via email, telephone or chat to answer questions or address concerns regarding application of course principles.

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