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Foundations of Matrix Leadership

Available as virtual, instructor-led training and in a self-guided format, this course introduces participants to the basics of leading in a matrix—an organization that needs to operate cross-functionally. The five-lesson course starts by teaching individuals and teams how to recognize and map the often-invisible horizontal dimension, where inputs from external suppliers are transformed into products and services for external customers.

Next, participants learn how to document their roles and relationships. Participants then learn how to navigate those relationships by bringing the right mindset and applying tools for collaboration. Detailed illustrations and examples bring the material to life, preparing participants to work successfully across an organization.


Learning Objectives

Participants who complete the course will learn how to:

  • Define a matrix organization
  • Document the roles they fulfill across an organization
  • Recognize the types of relationships they are building
  • Map the relationships that arise from their roles
  • Recognize, and operate with, an empowered mindset
  • Identify three levels of accountability and understand when each applies
  • Document accountability for themselves and for their teams
  • Apply collaborative tools in a team setting

Available Formats

The instructor-led, virtual course takes place over 10 weeks, alternating five self-guided weeks and five virtual sessions led by an expert facilitator. This experiential program requires participants to work through exercises on their own, as well as with a learning partner or team, to practice their new skills. Instructors can tailor the course to meet the specific needs of your organization.

The self-guided course (COMING SOON) combines video lectures with a participant workbook that includes activities to be completed during the lesson and assignments that allow participants to apply course principles. Coaching is available as an option, which allows an individual to discuss the assignments in the context of their personal situation.


Leaders with direct reports, team leaders and project leaders

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