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Train-the-Trainer Programs

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to develop cross-functional collaboration skills in your organization? Our train-the-trainer programs allow you to develop in-house training capabilities for Matrix Management 2.0™ (MM 2.0™) courses. Facilitated by a certified MM 2.0™ Consultant Trainer, these programs give participants the in-depth knowledge and understanding they’ll need to facilitate training and to guide internal team members through critical leadership shifts.

Whatever skills you want to develop in your organization, we can prepare your training team to make it happen.

What’s Included*

  • Instructor-led pilot workshop for up to 20 leaders in your organization. Identified trainers are required to participate in the selected workshop.
  • Instructor-led train-the-trainer program. An MMI instructor reviews the workshop content so trainers gain a more in-depth understanding of the leadership shifts and concepts, as well as the facilitation approach used for the experiential training. Participants facilitate different parts of the program to confirm their understanding and receive instructor feedback. Program length ranges from two to five days, depending upon the length of the workshop trainers will be learning.
  • Virtual group coaching. Participants receive additional support to help them prepare for facilitating a live session and to answer questions as they start facilitating.

*Participant materials are a required purchase from MMI as part of the trainer license.

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