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Resolving Cross-Functional Leadership Challenges – Virtual

Designed for small teams, this targeted program focuses on building collaborative leadership skills and applying them to real-world challenges. The goal is to implement change during the course of the program to resolve a specific challenge. As a result, participants must commit to working through exercises together, offline, to make the program effective.

Before the start of the course, participants identify their top leadership challenges in a pre-session survey. The facilitator guides the team in examining one challenge. Together, the group explores the necessary shifts in thinking, leading and working to resolve the challenge. Participants learn new tools and skills and practice using these in a controlled setting. Finally, they create a plan and apply the solutions in the real world.

Depending on the selected challenge, the instructor will lead up to five virtual sessions to introduce the concepts necessary to understand and resolve the challenge. A typical program schedule includes:

  • Part I – Knowledge Transfer. Three weekly sessions during which the team learns new skills and creates a plan for resolving the challenge.
  • Part II – Implementation. The team applies their new tools and skills in the real world over the next two to three weeks.
  • Part III – Fine-Tuning. The instructor leads up to two follow-up sessions to address challenges encountered during implementation.

Alternately, the facilitator can lead sessions every other week, with participants practicing the tools and solution ideas in off weeks. Debriefing occurs on an ongoing basis.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will do the following:

  • Define the challenges that they face in their organization
  • Identify ways to resolve specific challenges


Intact teams at any level that struggle with operating across their matrix

Recommended Length:

8 to 9 weeks*

Recommended Class Size:

6 to 8

* Optional coaching can be added, which provides access to the instructor via email, telephone or chat to answer questions or address concerns regarding application of course principles.

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