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Leading Cross-Functionally – Classroom

This experiential program uses lectures, individual and team exercises, and role-play to shift participants’ thinking about leadership. Participants learn the basics of what makes an organization a matrix—an organization that relies on cross-functional operations—as they explore the roles and relationships that exist across today’s complex organizations. They acquire tools to help them make the shift from using authority to lead teams to applying collaborative leadership tools and techniques to build buy-in and commitment among groups of stakeholders. The course sets the stage for adopting a collaborative leadership approach, building and managing win-win partnerships.


Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will do the following:

  • Define the challenges that they face in their organization
  • Identify ways to resolve specific challenges
  • Understand what it means to act as an empowered adult
  • Create a relationship map that includes both authority- and non-authority-based relationships
  • Learn how to build relationships based on partnership
  • Acquire a tool for solving conflicts


Bosses, team leaders and project leaders

Recommended Length:

1.5 days (1 day program also available)

Recommended Class Size:


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