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Managing Projects in a Matrix

An MM 2.0™ Compliant Quick Guide

You don’t need to throw out everything you’ve learned about project management to operate two-dimensionally in a matrix, but you do need to learn new skills and add new tools to your toolbox if you want to be successful in this non-authority-based environment.

Managing Projects in a Matrix Quick Guide

Leading Without Authority

In a matrix, project teams are typically recruited from the vertical dimension—a function or business unit—but projects are planned and executed in the horizontal dimension. The result is that teams are commonly made up of people who report to someone in the vertical dimension.

This means project managers must learn how to lead teams without authority, and it’s one of the primary challenges project managers face in a matrix.

What You’ll Learn

Based on the Matrix Management 2.0™ framework, Managing Projects in a Matrix looks at how the role of a project manager in matrix organizations has changed, the common challenges project leaders face, and the leadership skills required to manage projects in a two-dimensional organization. You’ll learn how to:

  • Balance conflicting stakeholder interests
  • Collaborate and share accountability with team members and stakeholders
  • Make commitments you can keep and not get in over your head
  • Build high-performing teams when team members report to someone else
  • Deliver a project without formal authority over team members

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About the Quick Guide Series

The Matrix Management 2.0™ Quick Guide Series brings you the latest tools and techniques for matrix leadership and management that are both practical and easy to apply. Read them cover-to-cover or use them as a reference to brush up on a topic or sharpen the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective matrix leader.