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Sponsoring Projects in a Matrix

An MM 2.0™ Compliant Quick Guide

A project sponsor can make an impact on the success of the project he is sponsoring. This Quick Guide walks you through the process of sponsoring a project throughout its lifecycle and ultimately guide it to success.

Sponsoring Projects in a Matrix Quick Guide

Connecting the Dots

Projects benefit from having sponsors who are highly invested in their success and remain involved in each phase of the project. Instead of micromanaging, this means supporting and facilitating project work. A sponsor, usually a senior leader with an organization-wide perspective, knows how each project aligns with overall strategy, how it fits into the portfolio of projects, and its level of priority to the organization. A sponsor is thus in the best position to provide the project leader with an organizational perspective, help manage key stakeholder relationships, as well as leverage organizational knowledge and resources.

What You’ll Learn

Projects are the way in which organizations deliver everything new and improved.  Sponsoring Projects in a Matrix Quick Guide reviews the project lifecycle from a Matrix Management 2.0 ™ perspective and defines the role a sponsor plays at each project phase.

  • Initiation – set expectations and limits for the project, create an effective Project Charter
  • Planning – provide direction and remove obstacles
  • Execution – coach and counsel project leader
  • Monitoring & Controlling – proactively resolve issues
  • Closing – evaluate the project and make recommendations

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About the Quick Guide Series

The Matrix Management 2.0™ Quick Guide Series brings you the latest tools and techniques for matrix leadership and management that are both practical and easy to apply. Read them cover-to-cover or use them as a reference to brush up on a topic or sharpen the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective matrix leader.