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Leading Effective Meetings

An MM 2.0™ Compliant Quick Guide

How many hours a week do you spend in meetings? Do they help you get the work done? This Quick Guide offers a methodology for conducting meetings that serve a specific purpose and produce desired outcomes, every time.

Leading Effective Meetings Quick Guide

Setting up for Success

We strongly believe that each meeting can deliver great outcomes if managed properly. Key components of an effective meeting include clear purpose, defined outcome(s), consistent process, successful collaboration, and strong facilitation. The meeting management process begins in the planning phase and ends after the completion of post-meeting activities. There are many tools and methods a meeting leader can draw upon as they tackle challenges specific to each meeting phase.

What You’ll Learn

This guide will walk you through establishing a meeting management process and provide tools to help you:

  • Plan a meeting
  • Create the agenda
  • Select participants
  • Set up appropriate meeting space
  • Guide participants through the meeting
  • Conduct post-meeting activities

Use this guide to learn or improve your understanding of collaborative methods that are instrumental in the success of your meetings. Learn about best practices on:

  • Keeping participants engaged
  • Managing meeting behaviors
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Leading the group to consensus

Each meeting is unique, and this Quick Guide offers a range of tools and approaches to choose from. Explore the possibilities and make sure you get the best out of your meetings!

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About the Quick Guide Series

The Matrix Management 2.0™ Quick Guide Series brings you the latest tools and techniques for matrix leadership and management that are both practical and easy to apply. Read them cover-to-cover or use them as a reference to brush up on a topic or sharpen the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective matrix leader.