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Leading Teams in a Matrix

Leading Teams in a MatrixMatrix Leadership Course 2

Teams are the most important unit in a matrix organization and every leader needs to be a skilled team leader – whether that is a governance team, project or initiative team, or working business process team. One of the main things teams do is make decisions and solve problems and using collaborative team-based processes is proven to produce better decisions and solutions that have the commitment and buy-in from key stakeholders.

The second course in the Matrix Leadership Curriculum builds on the ideas explored in Course 1 – Leading without Authority, and introduces the leader to the tools and techniques for leading teams using collaborative tools and methods.

Average Course Rating: 6/6


Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisite: Leading Without Authority

Who Should Attend:

Leaders who need to lead teams without authority

Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete the course will know how to:

  • Share the unique challenges experienced when leading a team in a matrix and shift from a directive to a collaborative approach to leading teams
  • Understand the key factors that lead to consensus
  • Lead a team through a collaborative decision-making process
  • Lead a team through a collaborative problem-solving process

Course Outline:

  • Course Introduction
  • Collaborative Facilitation
  • Collaborative Decision-Making Tool
    • Define Stage
    • Criteria Stage
    • Identify Stage
    • Decide Stage
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Wrap-Up and Lessons Learned

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